Stop Being Scared of Rising Daycare Costs

Stop Being Scared of Rising Daycare CostsI can see you're skeptical about how to NOT be afraid of rising daycare costs (and what that means for your bank account).

Let me tell you a quick story.

The front desk paged me in the middle of work to tell me I had a phone call.  When I answered, it was my husband.  “You're not going to believe this”, he said.  “They're closing the daycare again.  We have until the end of the month.”

Three weeks of notice seems to be the going time commitment that daycares give you.  This happened to us once before, not even a year prior.  We had to do a mad scramble to search, call, meet, and enroll into a new daycare.  In the end, it cost us over $100 more per month in daycare costs than we were paying previously.

And that was just because it was what was available.  There were no other options.  We did this while working full-time and commuting, while scrambling to gather the money for new enrollment fees while still paying off the last of the monthly fees incurred.  We didn't have that money up front for these new daycare costs, but we found it.

And here we were again, working full-time and making phone calls in between.  Driving to check out what we find when possible, only to realize most places had no other openings.

We weren't just afraid of not finding a daycare, we were afraid of the daycare costs of the places we could find.

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Stop the Money Stress Cycle and Be Prepared for Emergencies

Money Stress-Living paycheck-to-paycheck is a primary money stress for many families.
Unfortunately, dealing with this money stress strains relationships, and keeps families worried month-to-month.

What about saving for emergencies all the typical financial “gurus” say you are supposed to have?

When you're struggling to juggle your payments every month, the thought of saving to for emergencies without using it when things get tight is tough to do.

Most financial advisors tell you to put aside $500-$1000 for emergencies and 3-6 months worth of paychecks for your savings.

Trying to save for emergencies when struggling with monthly debt may actually increase money stress.

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Want the Time Freedom to Give to Charity?

What's Your Vision of Time Freedom-Can you have have both financial security for your family and time freedom to give back to your community?

There have been so many moments where I wished I could do more.  Where scraping together enough money for bills and food left me little to offer to the veteran with the sign on the street corner.

I can't look them in the eye.  And that's not because I don't think they are worthy. Far from it.

It's because I cannot help them, because I cannot get by enough on my own, let alone give them the start they need and that I long to provide.

I feel useless, and feel like I am not worthy of them.

I even struggled to find the time freedom to volunteer to help my local community.

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Freedom to Create Memories with Your Family

Create Memories with Your FamilyAre you struggling to figure out how to get the money to do something fun with your kids?

Have you found yourself trying to budget and save for things like swim lessons, going to the fair, and taking small vacations?

When did the chance to create memories become so difficult?

Despite my best attempts at being the “ultimate mom”, I felt like a failure. We couldn't give my child the things I had always dreamed.

I wanted him to have swim lessons and language classes (I've always wanted to be fluent in Spanish, and want to give him that opportunity).

I kept looking at different programs like climbing gyms or martial arts, and struggle with the cost and time availability of being able to commit to doing these.

Looking at my rapidly growing kiddo, I wonder if I will ever be able to give him the things I dreamed about before he was ever born.  Sure, he had no clue what he was missing out on, but I knew, and it stung me deep.

All I wanted was the time and money to create lasting memories I could cherish.  I wanted to give him memories to shape him into the man he could be.

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Working Parents: How do You Achieve Career and Family Balance?

Career & Family Balance for Working ParentsHow many of you working parents are currently struggling to juggle your career and family?

Do you have a hard time with the crazy schedules of schooling and work hours?  Have you had the “how are we going to make this work?” conversation with your spouse when the hours don’t match up?

My house is one with working parents, and we both have a full-time job (not including a commute) that we juggled with our son.

As a result, he is growing up using daycare 3 days per week until it is time to transition into school.

No matter what part of you enjoys the fact that you are working parents, it is still a struggle to give up your child's care to someone else.

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