I initially joined network marketing as a result of a scare.  I went to my regular job one morning, and when I opened my schedule I noticed that I was blocked out for a meeting with the boss.  This meeting was only scheduled for 3 of us in the office, and none of us knew why.  When the time came to sit with the boss (I was third on the list), I was informed that the other two employees had been let go.  While for the moment my job was secure, I was being asked to transfer offices for a short time to assist with coverage as they had let another employee go at a different location.

For the short time that this meeting occurred, I was TERRIFIED.  All I could think of was “what will I do for income if I get fired?”, “how will we survive without any savings?”, and “what am I going to tell my husband? Will he be disappointed in me?”.  Later that day, a co-worker told me she was heading to our friend's house for a party to hear about a network marketing business opportunity.  This is a woman I respect and whose judgment I trusted, so I asked if it would be “okay” if I tagged along.

That is how I was introduced to my company.  I self-invited to a party and had a moment of “what if” sparked inside of me that I could not shake.  I went from being terrified of the next financial disaster to taking action and building my own network marketing business and building a stable financial plan for me and my family.  As I continue growing, I find that my “what ifs” are not only becoming stronger and more realistic, but they are paving the way to larger life changes and a strong conviction that I have sense of purpose I have not yet tapped into.

As part of my own struggle, I am also learning that I am not alone in my journey toward the success I want to achieve.  Many of the obstacles I have faced and overcome in network marketing are the same things others are struggling with.  Now, I am turning my focus into helping other network marketing professionals in any level create the income they desire in their MLM and direct sales businesses.  In this, I will continue to grow as a leader and as a person.

Welcome to my website.