Welcome to www.janaejenkins.com!

There is something really inspiring about watching people chase their dreams.  I've always considered myself a dreamer, but have struggled with debt and “obligations” that never really allowed me to be my fullest and truest self.

If you've been on this site before, you may be noticing the subtle differences.  This website is still dedicated to network marketing.  But as I learn and grow, so does the refinement of what I have to say.

Now this site will give you training and tools to grow your network marketing business, as well as the knowledge and deeper understanding of why network marketing is a viable option.

I will also be sharing more and more about my own story.  As a parent, all I've ever wanted was what's best for my family.  If I can show you my path, I can help you avoid the same mistakes.  And if I can educate you on your options, then I can show you what's possible.